Hickory Hill Kennel

       Luxury Pet Suites

At Hickory Hill Kennel we have two styles of Luxury Suite. Our brand new (Summer 2010) indoor/outdoor suites known as the Westminster Suites, and our home style suites known as the Destination Suites. Both are heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. Both include fun muralled walls and a degree of comfort, not matched in the Pioneer Valley.

The Westminster Suites allow your pet access to their individual outside run, while still having the comfort of air conditioning, via the Plexidoor designed dog doors, that form an air tight seal every time they are used.

The Destination Suites are for those owners looking for a quieter location for their dog, accommodating the pet in extreme comfort inside. With this choice of accommodation we include early morning, lunchtime and evening walks. The Destination Suites are located in our house set back from the kennel to the rear of the property.

Both offer a high level of comfort. We are extremely proud to offer such a facility and invite you to view the two before making your decision as to which to reserve.

This is a completely new facility in our main boarding kennel. We are offering state of the art boarding, with beautiful tempered glass units, each one with a doggie themed mural, on gorgeous ceramic tiled floors. Each unit has a doggie door to a huge individual outside run. These state of the art doggie doors automatically close behind your dog, thus allowing us to fully air condition the room, or in cold weather, fully heat the room, but your pet can still enjoy the freedom of going outside whenever they choose.

We are very proud of the new area, and it gives you and your pet another option to choose from.

We are pleased to introduce the addition of our 3 themed Destination Pet Suites to Hickory Hill Kennel. Our aim is to provide a caring facility for your pet, giving them some of the true comforts of home, allowing you the peace of mind required for a truly great weekend or vacation.

The Pet Suites are purpose built units installed in our residence behind the current kennel buildings. The suites provide a quieter experience for your pet while your away. Each Pet Suite has radiant floor heating, air conditioning, and a 42-inch flat screen television. Pets will enjoy 3 short walks per day, the last of which is in the evening before bedtime.

Luxury Suite Rates

Destination Suite Rates
Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
Large Breed (>100 lbs) $48.00 $36.00 $24.00
Medium Breed $43.00 $32.25 $21.50
Small Breed (<25 lbs) $38.00 $28.50 $19.00

Westminster Suite Rates
Dog Size 1st Pet 2nd Pet 3rd Pet
Large Breed (>100 lbs) $45.00 $33.75 $22.50
Medium Breed $40.00 $30.00 $20.00
Small Breed (<25 lbs) $35.00 $26.25 $17.50

  • A 25% discount is deducted from the second dog's accommodation rate when two dogs are sharing one luxury suite.
  • A 50% discount is deducted from the third dog's accommodation rate when three dogs are sharing one luxury suite.

Diets - We feed either IAMS Adult (Chicken & Rice) or Eukanuba Veterinary Diet. Meals are served up to three times daily. If you prefer your dog not to have a change of diet, then please bring your dogs own food. Please also bring any treats your dog normally enjoys.

Medications. Medications are administered up to three times a day at a charge of $2.00 per occasion.

Grooming - Full trims, bath & nails - prices are available on request. We have been grooming pets and show dogs alike for 22 years. A groom includes a bath, dry, trim, nail clip and ear cleaning.

Vaccination records - Please provide proof of up-to-date shot records. For detail of the vaccinations required to board at our kennel facility please click on the Health requirements below.

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