Hickory Hill Kennel



At a charge of $5.00 per dog, your dog can have the fun of a play off the lead in our exercise yard for 10 minutes playing fetch with a ball or to go for a 10 minute leashed walk around the perimeter of our property.

The 2 mile walk

We have mapped out a 2 mile walk along the country lanes of Gill. At a charge of $15.00 the 2 mile leashed walk takes guest dogs out of the kennel, left onto Center Road, right at the fork onto Lyons Hill Road, over Main Road Gill, around by Zak Farm, behind the Gill Tavern, and home around the back of the Town Hall along Center Road. This walk takes approx 40 minutes depending on sniffing time and the guest in hand. There is a 50% surcharge for a pet that has to be walked as a single.
Download PDF map of 2 mile walk.

The 4 mile walk

At a charge of $28.00 we leave the kennel, and turn right ointo Center road. When we get to the cross road we turn right onto West Gill Road and pass the cow heard at Hastings farm. At the sign to Sudbury nursery we turn right down Ben Hale Road. We walk through the Nursery to the cross road, and turn left on to Center Road and home to the kennel. This walk takes us approximately 75 minutes. There is a 50% surcharge for a pet that has to be walked as a single.
Download PDF map of 4 mile walk.

Cat Playtime

At a charge of $2.00 per cat, your cat can enjoy the freedom to explore the cat room, play with a member of staff chasing a toy mouse, climbing the cat tree or simply to spend 20 minutes sitting on the lap of one of our staff.

To sign your pet up for any of these activities please indicate on the online reservation form. The longer walks are weather permitting, and do require a dog that is leash trained. They can be provided daily, every other day, or once during an extended stay. We can design an activity schedule that suits both your pet and your budget.